All Inclusive Ads Scam Alert – Non Affiliate Review of

Whenever you read a review about a product or service that is negative, you have to wonder why people are posting it, especially when you have had success with said product. I am not suggesting that people don’t have a legitimate reason for writing the poor review, but you have to wonder if they were actually using it in the way in which it was intended. A perfect example of such is for the All Inclusive Ads system, which I have had some real success with. I have noticed a few negative reviews among the positive and have noticed one glaring omission from each of those reviews: what product or link were they promoting?

I’ll confess that I was a little skeptical when I first saw some of the claims for the All Inclusive Ads system. It’s such a simple program to use that I really wondered how it was possible to gain the results that people were talking about. I’d read reviews of people talking about receiving hundreds of visitors to their sites, with many claiming to have scored a large number of sales and leads from those links. Despite my skepticism, I was intrigued and decided to give All Inclusive Ads a try.

I paid the $29 for the 1 month membership, which gave me a single ad share, but which also allowed me to promote up to 10 different links. Since I have a number of different programs that I am actively promoting, I liked the idea of being able to give them all a little boost for one low price. The results that I received were exactly as advertised, but they also showed me why some folks might look at the AIA program as being one that doesn’t work.

I received a very large bump in traffic at each of my promoted links, but not all of them delivered the leads and sales that I had hoped for. The links that didn’t so well were for the programs that I had been with for a long time, and which had become somewhat flooded on the internet. It made me wonder how many people were using AIA to promote the very same programs as I was, which might very well lead to people seeing the same thing over and over again, long after they had signed up. I decided to use my second month in the program promoting products and programs that were new or little heard of.

Each and every one of those has paid off exactly as I had hoped and exactly as the positive AIA reviews had promised they would. I’d love to tell you all the programs that I am having success with, but my fear is that too many people will then jump on the bandwagon, leading to a watering down of my success. I now wonder if the negative AIA reviews that don’t list the programs they failed with are because they know it’s their products that are the problem and not All Inclusive Ads.


All Inclusive Ads Review

I’m an affiliate marketer for Amazon and other internet websites and I spend a lot of time promoting my own websites to increase traffic.  As we all know in this biz the thing that makes the most difference in your checking account at the end of the day is the amount of traffic that flows through your websites. Without it you might as well not even bother, am I right?

That’s why, after searching for about a week online, I decided to use All Inclusive Ads to start driving some real traffic to my sites.  I’ll be honest, I’m great at writing about what I’m selling and I’m even pretty good at putting together killer websites that convert, but getting traffic just isn’t my forte and so I figured I should get some expert help.

Since signing up with them I have to say that I’m very satisfied.  The traffic we’re seeing is almost all from US ip addresses and best of all the people we’re seeing land on our pages are converting to sales a high percentage of the time.

At first I thought that their price was a little on the high side, I’ll be honest, but after seeing the results of the last few months I felt compelled to write this review because I think All Inclusive Ads is doing a damn good job.

If you’re like me and you live and die by the traffic that your sites receive you really should take a long, hard look at All Inclusive Ads.  If they do for you what they’ve done for my business you’ll be back to thank me for the recommendation. All Inclusive Ads Rules!


Greg Arlington

All Inclusive Ads Review 2013

All Inclusive Ads is the #1 Ranked Ad Site of the Year, and it’s easy to tell why! I was able to generate an unstoppable flood of leads, prospects, and cash sales effortlessly and automatically. All Inclusive Ads spends over $40,000 per month on advertising for people just like me! I am an affiliate marketer and I was looking for a way to promote my links in an easy way that would get a lot of exposure. I did a lot of research online for advertising sites and I liked All Inclusive Ads the best. All the research that I did on the service found nearly all positive experiences from customers. The only negative reviews only seemed to be from people trying to pitch their own ad service. The traffic that I am receiving is all unique and I am mostly getting US based traffic which is great since that is my target market. All the traffic that I am getting is converting to sales! This is just what I was looking for. I had tried other ad sites before and nothing had come of them except a bunch of spam. But with All Inclusive Ads, my prospects are not just visiting my site; they are actually buying which is making a huge difference for me! The best part about All Inclusive Ads is that there is no programming, coding, or HTML. I can’t believe I don’t need any technical skills at all to work this site! Whenever I do have questions tech support is always there to answer. They are always very friendly and very responsive. All Inclusive Ads has really boosted all of my sales, I can’t thank them enough. I was able to earn a few extra hundred dollars each month just from their service! What are you waiting for? All Inclusive Ads has worked for me and it will surely work for you as well!

All Inclusive Ads (Test Update)

So here ya have it.  My latest All Inclusive Ads update.  I’ve been on the hunt for other effective advertising services which lead me down the endless, and pointless road of traffic-exchanges.  I’ve just about had it with them.  So many visitors come in but they quickly leave.  A mad hunt to earn credits just to promote their own links.  Enjoy the video!

All Inclusive Ads Update: Working AMAZINGLY

So I hard back from All Inclusive Ads Support and they DO allow us to create more than one account.  Wasn’t sure at first on that one.  I now have 2 accounts running and I’ll let you all know if its worth the extra $30 per month.  PEACE OUT

All Inclusive Ads Testing (Part 2)

So sorry for the delay in uploading this but I’ve been super busy lately.  This video was recorded a week after joining All Inclusive Ads and I have to admit I’m now an All Inclusive Ads believer!

All Inclusive Ads Testing

I’ve decided to start this blog to help share my experience with All Inclusive Ads.  If you’re like me and deep within the Internet Marketing industry you’ve probably heard about this service on a safelist, traffic exchange on some type of ad site.

All Inclusive Ads spends $40,000 every month feeding a gigantic traffic rotator and sells off shares of the traffic for $29.95/month.

They let you add 10 of your websites or affiliate links (really any link you like) to the members area and once you save them you are good to go.  So basically a “set it and forget it” ad service.  Sounds great right?

I thought so and most of what I’ve read extremely positive, but like anything else online I have my doubts.

Below is my first video of a series I will call “All Inclusive Ads Testing